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The Poetry Times is currently seeking submissions for publishing. At this point we are not sure how long it will take until we have enough subscribers and authors for the first issue to be delivered to you.

We are seeking people who want to submit their poetry or short stories for the publication. The Poetry Times will be a monthly newsletter sent out to people by way of letter mail.

CONTEST!!! We are running a FREE pre-issue contest it does not cost you anything. Submit your poems and short stories and you could win an entire issue of "The Poetry Times" featuring you & you only. That's right you would be the sole author for one whole issue of our newsletter. Also on top of that the submissions received if acceptable will be published in our newsletter. The same submission guidelines apply to the contest as per our regular submissions.

With your submission you will receive a free copy of the newsletter. There is a limit on submissions per two months (you can only submit once every two months!)is: Two Poems or One Short Story and One Poem. Each submission should take up no more than 2 type written pages, and it must be your own original work. We are also looking for subscribers interested in reading other peoples short stories and poetry, or even their own. The cost of the newsletter is $10 per year for 12 issues, or $5 per half year for 6 issues. Once the newsletter is mailed out you will have a notification by email of the newsletter.

If you would like to submit we ask that you email us the poem or short story in the body of the email (we don't accept attachments), to this email address: The Poetry Times Submissions If you would like to purchase a subscription you can do so via these two subscription options through paypal:

One Year $10 per year (12 issues)

6 months for $5 (6 issues)